Version 2 Network Patch:

  1. Make sure all users have exited the Production Wizard™ program before installing the patch.

  2. To start downloading the zip file, click here ->
    When prompted save the zip file on your computer.

  3. In case an issue arises, make a backup copy of the files to be overwritten.

  4. Extract and move the updated files and folders to the Production Wizard™ folder overwriting the original ones. This will not change or interfere with your current ingredient and formula files.

    If you need assistance installing the patch, feel free to contact us.

Note: The current edition of Production Wizard™ Version 2 is 2.30.00. You can determine what edition of Production Wizard™ Version 2 you have by clicking the Version button in the Production Wizard™ Front Panel.

Click here if you require the latest copy of the manual.